About Comparizoom

An Algorithmic Approach to Product Scoring

Comparizoom is bringing algorithmic product assessment using content from across the web to rate products in a variety of categories. We then do an in-house assessment of each product to determine what it is that makes it worth buying or not buying.  While getting an aggregate score for products from multiple sources isn't perfect it does have the advantage of avoiding scoring systems that are gamed by manufacturers to inflate their scores.

Adding Additional Sources Over Time

Although we try to be thorough with our scoring system it is not perfect as there are many sites out there we do not currently scour to help determine our score. As time progresses we intend to continue expanding what sources we use and how we score. We want to get smarter and smarter with how we assess products.


To help fund the content on the site and to maintain the service we may receive a commission on the products we list here. We want you as a user to be aware of this so that you understand how our business model works.

Contacting Us

To contact us please send us an email at the address admin [at] comparizoom[dot]com and we will give you a response. We value feedback and suggestions for improvement.